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Live Snakes Purchase at Itunes

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble-Live Snakes (Accurate Records)

RSE-I'll Fly Away

RSE-Cassandra 4

Aga-Yes! Purchase at Amazon

Agachiko - Yes! (Accurate Records)


Agachiko-Angel Eyes

Musa-Once... Purchase at CD Baby

MusAner - Once Upon A Time (Lucent Music)

MusAner-All In A Day

MusAner-Two Way Ticket

Musa1 Purchase at CD Baby

MusAner (Lucent Music)



Knife Purchase at Amazon

Dave Knife Fabris - Lettuce Pray (Great Winds)


Knife-Scythian Suite (Feat. Ran Blake)

ggt-bronz Purchase at Amazon

Gamelan Galak Tika - Bronz Age Space Age (Airplane Ears Music)
GGT-Agak Agak

GGT-Heavy Metal

ggt1 Purchase at Galaktika

Gamelan Galak Tika: Dangerous Things

GGT-Taruna Jaya

GGT- Oleg Tambulilingan

ggt-tire Purchase at Galaktika

Evan Ziporyn - Gamelan Galak Tika (New World Records)

GGT- Tire Fire Pt.5

Leah H.

Leah Meryl Harmon - Bound To Nothing

Leah Meryl Harmon-Strength To Leave

Leah Meryl Harmon-As Long As You Leave

manisha parellel Purchase at Manishamusic

Manisha Shahane - When Parallel Lines Meet (Bridging Hemispheres Music)

Manisha-Remember This Day

Manisha-First Dance

manisha Purchase at Manishamusic

Manisha Shahane-Peace In Progress (Bridging Hemispheres Music)


Manisha-Something In Your Voice

JR3next Purchase at Itunes

The Lizard Lounge Poetry Jam:
Next On The Mic (Rounder Records)

Patricia Smith-Deltateach

Nicole Terez-From the Road

jr3gettin' Purchase

Jeff Robinson Trio - Geting Fixed (Poetry Jam Collective)

JR3-My Head

JR3-The Man Wants to Go...

black and blues Purchase at CD Baby

Iyeoka Okoawo - Black and Blues (Phanai Records)

Iyeoka-Just One



Julius Caesar The Jazz Trio(Centre Dramatique National Orléans)

JCTrio-Gone With The Wind

JCTrio-The Party's Over

Julius Caesar

Say It Isn't So: Music from the A.R.T. production of Julius Caesar (Creative Nation Music)

JCTrio-The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else

JCTrio-Suicide Is Painless
bkb Purchase at Amazon

Bruce Katz Band - Three Feet Off The Ground (Audioquest)
BKB-Beef Jerky

BKB-Three Feet Off the Ground

troubadour Purchase at CD Baby

Chris Brenne - Troubadour (Magic Brew)

Chriss Brenne-Indigo Blue

Chris Brenne-Lord Franklin